Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Introduction - please read first

We are not "ghost hunters" or  "ghost busters."
We are "observers" who attempt to document claims of paranormal activity.  

Skeptical believers?

I consider myself to be a "student" with a passion to learn.


Any piece of equipment intended to capture evidence of the paranormal is only as good as the user's understanding of how that equipment works and its limitations.

Here are my thoughts about some of the "ghost-hunting" equipment that is commonly used.

Locations we have explored

I've put together a list of spots we have explored that have had claims of paranormal activity, as well as some of the places I remember visiting many years ago.


Here are some videos put together from a few photos and audio files we captured on various investigations.  

EVP List

 We do not classify (A, B, C, etc) because I feel that is subjective and everyone thinks their own captures sound like "Class A" EVP.

EVP methods

When attempting to record electronic voice phenomena, we try something a little different.

Evidence of paranormal activity?

There are always arguments about photos of orbs, mists and other alleged paranormal activity.

A few things I've learned from experience

Stuff to bring, things to keep in mind when investigating..

Some odd personal experiences

Calico Ghost Town, Tombstone AZ and Big Bear Lake, CA..  descriptions of my odd experiences at these places.

Projecting upon the ghosts

Why do people say they know what a ghost says, thinks, wants, or even what the ghost is doing simply because of a light on an emf meter, a flashlight, or dowsing rods? 

With a demon here and a demon there...

Everything seems to be demonic these days.  I just don't believe it's that common.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Our Dear Angie

We mourn the loss of our Angie.  
She was 15, and I can only describe her as 
pure unconditional love and loyalty.  
She will be greatly missed.

She is the "angie" in "Jemangie" and always will be.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Here are some pendulums that I have created from gemstones and metals, as an alternative to making jewelry.  (I don't use these in investigation - they're just pretty)